Having a well-designed, fully search optimised website is a must for any law firm. Your site should portray you as an authoritative, trustworthy and credible organisation in the minds of potential clients.

At Imageo there are three main areas of web design for law firms that we typically offer.

Design a brand new website

When creating a brand new website for your law firm we will recommend creating a design based upon the WordPress content management system. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and it will allow for easy website content updates by your staff on an ongoing basis. If training is required we can provide this option.

As part of the new website design we will work closely with you to ensure that all the elements you require are added to your satisfaction and we will import any/all existing content from the old website to the new website design based on your preferences.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you might consider a new website for your firm. If any of the following reasons resonate with you, it is highly likely that you will directly benefit from a new website.

Your website is not responsive (mobile friendly)

If your website is several years old it is highly likely that it was not built with mobile devices in mind and as a consequence it would not be classed as “responsive”. A responsive website is a site that alters appearance based upon the resolution of the device viewing it. For example, if you had a non-responsive website that was viewed by someone using a 1920 x 1080 resolution HD laptop screen, the site would look good. If the same site was viewed on a mobile device with a screen resolution of 640 x 960 the site would not render well and the viewer would struggle to view the site content.

So from a usability perspective, you want a responsive website that will alter website design elements to complement the device screen resolution being used by the viewer.

From an SEO perspective Google recommends that websites are designed responsively. Moreover due to the prevalence of mobile device searches on Google (more than 50% of searches on Google are now from a mobile device) the search ranking algorithm is moving to a “mobile first” index. This means that Google will consider the mobile friendly (responsive) aspect of the site as part of its ranking algorithm first (previously the site was ranked on a desktop view basis).

Therefore, on a number of fronts it is imperative that your law firm website is responsive.

Many legal websites we have designed currently rank on the first page of Google.

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Your website does not load quickly

A website that loads slowly is not only bad for usability, it can also be bad for your search engine ranking.

The longer a web page takes to load, the higher the chances of a user abandoning the page and going to the site of a competitor’s site that does load quickly.

Google have also explicitly stated that individual page load times in excess of 2 seconds can lead to a severely reduced Google crawl rate across the site. This is a situation to be avoided as it could lead to a reduction of pages being indexed in Google.

A number of factors could be attributed to a slow loading website ranging from a poor hosting platform, badly written website code, large uncompressed images, etc.

A newly created website by Imageo would be designed so that loading speed is optimised.

You are not getting the business you want from your website

If you have a decent level of traffic from organic search traffic, pay per click traffic, or both, but your traffic is not converting into leads then it could be due to the current website design.

User experience design (UX) is an important aspect of maximising the amount of business that is derived from your website, with conversion rate optimisation (CRO) an important sub-set.

We are experienced in creating websites that convert for the legal sector having created many over the past 10 years.

Your website looks dated in comparison to your competitors

In a highly competitive sector such as the legal sector you want your digital presence to exceed that of your competitors to give you the edge. An outdated, old fashioned website could give the impression that your law firm is also old fashioned and not moving with the times.

The creation of a modern, beautiful website will market your law firm brand to website visitors in the best light possible.

You want to create a new digital strategy

An existing design may not be conducive to a new digital strategy going forward, so a design with the new strategy in mind would be preferable.

This could be with a view to ensuring that there is sufficient opportunity for users to submit website content to a wide variety of social media channels. You may want to open up your website to allow users to comment or interact with your brand more readily. You may want to implement a process of content marketing in order to increase search engine traffic and brand awareness and your current design architecture constrains you from rolling this out.

We will work closely with you to provide a website design that complements your needs and showcases your brand to the optimum.

The aims of your law firm have changed

Since the last time your website was created, you may have diversified into new areas of law, decreased volumes in certain areas of law or strengthened your firm in specific legal areas and want this to be reflected on your site.

If the emphasis of your law firm has altered significantly it would likely be preferable to re-brand your firm with a new website highlighting the new focus areas of your law firm.

There are parts of your website that don’t work properly

On many occasions we have worked with law firms and discovered that certain aspects of their site design simply don’t work, or don’t work as intended.

As part of our SEO services we run a full SEO audit on the site which often uncovers inherent problems with the site design which will be avoided in a subsequent re-design.

Sometimes if a site has not been maintained regularly there will be website code that will cease to work or it will need to be updated to the latest version. If this happens to be widespread, it can represent a significant security risk (hackers take advantage of old, insecure code) so it is usually a good idea to start afresh with a new code base following best practices.

Redesign an existing web site

It may be the case that you have an existing website which you are pleased with in the main, but you would like to change the overall “look” of the site without altering large scale aspects of the site.

This option is a step down from a complete site redesign and is only generally recommended if your current design is only a year or two old. If your website was created more than two years ago there is a chance that code could be outdated, or the site is not responsive so a new ground up design is usually the better option in this case.

Partial redesign or development

You may be happy with your current website design, but there are one or two aspects that you would like changing, or you would like a brand new feature to be developed for the website.

We will liaise with you on exactly what it is you would like to achieve and advise on costings and recommend how best to move forward with the changes.

Web hosting and support

When creating a new website for your law firm we can launch it on an existing hosting plan or server of your choice, or we can offer our own web hosting services.

We have approaching 20 years’ worth of experience of commercial web hosting in the UK and as such over time we have used a very wide variety of web hosting companies – some good some bad!

Any website hosted by Imageo would be on our own recommended UK based web host who provide extremely fast web servers located in the UK, along with industry leading UK based support.

Imageo are experienced web designers for the legal profession.

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Web design services for law firms

We are experienced developers of websites for law firm practices and can demonstrate extremely high search engine rankings and excellent return on investment from PPC campaigns due to our optimised web designs for both search and lead generation.

By working with Imageo on your web design, SEO, PPC or any of our other digital marketing services for law firms you will be taking your first step towards improving your law firms’ digital presence.

If you are a legal professional, solicitor or partner in a law firm and you are looking for a new, fresh web design for your firm we would love to hear from you.

We can be contacted by phone, via our contact form or we would be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements in person.


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