Potential clients that are seeking legal representation on family law matters are often in a very difficult period of their lives so the service they require is unique in the legal sector.

At Imageo we recognise that the individual is extremely important and ensuring that family law information is readily available in an easy to find, readable and accessible format on a family law firm’s website is key.

Content marketing for family law firms

An effective online marketing technique for family law led practices involves operating an ongoing content marketing campaign.

Targeted articles, guides and opinion pieces help to gain authority and trust within an audience and will help to cement your law firm as the “go-to” family law firm in your area.

We will conduct a content marketing audit of your current website content, which amongst other things include a gap analysis and competitor analysis to see which areas your website is strong and weak and also uncover areas of untapped content potential.

We undertand the intricacies involved with marketing family law firms.

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Local SEO for family law

Due to the nature of family law legal services it is important to rank well in search engines within your local geographic office area.

When searching for your law firm name in Google, or searching upon important keywords within your sector, you may have seen search results that include law firms plotted onto a map. These “map pack” results are shown at the top of organic search results and are valuable rankings to obtain.

It is possible to target ranking in map pack results through a concerted local SEO campaign. There are a number of different areas to focus upon when optimising for local SEO which we will focus upon as part of your campaign.

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