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General Issues:

If you are experiencing any issues please e-mail your primary point of contact to ensure the swiftest possible resolution. If your issue is of an urgent nature please do not hesitate to call us.

We aim to respond to all e-mail correspondence within one working day but please allow up to three working days for a response during busy periods for non-urgent matters.


In the extremely unlikely event that you are in any way dissatisfied with anything, you can submit a complaint by e-mailing info@imageo.com. We aim to respond to any such issues within 3 working days of receipt. All complaints* are handled at Director-level – an indication of our commitment to excellent service and how much our reputation matters to us.

You can also make a submission in writing, to the registered office address shown in the site footer. Due to inherent delays associated with postal services, please allow 14 days for a response. We would always suggest using e-mail as the fastest method for resolving any issues.


Should you encounter any technical abuse** issues, please e-mail abuse@imageo.com.

*We’ve never had one, but this is what we’d do if it ever happened…
**You can also use this if you just want to send us some gratuitous abuse, albeit entirely at your own risk – you have been warned…

NOTE TO SALESPEOPLE: Please don’t send us unsolicited marketing messages  – either via this form or by email – we genuinely couldn’t care less and we won’t buy anything from you – in fact we will do everything we can to have you blacklisted, and we’ll do it with a big smile on our faces. Please don’t call us either – don’t waste your own time or ours. We appreciate that you’re ‘only doing your job’, but please go forth and peddle your wares elsewhere. We reserve the right to be phenomenally obnoxious to cold callers…

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