Imageo has over a decade of success in the field of search engine optimisation (SEO). We have obtained top search ranking results across a range of extremely competitive vertical markets in all the major search engines.

Although an inexact science, there are fundamental principles of SEO that are cornerstones of a strong and sustainable SEO campaign. With Imageo in charge of your SEO you will have an experienced UK SEO professional working on these broad areas:

On Page SEO

  • Accessibility
  • Architecture
  • Code
  • Content
  • Keyword analysis

Off page SEO

  • Analytics
  • Backlinks
  • Competitor analysis
  • Evidence of search engine penalties
  • Local SEO
  • Site indexing
  • Strategy

You might be interested to know that Google have in excess of 200 individual ranking “signals” that make up their search algorithm. This inherent complexity means we do not have a single standard SEO campaign. There is no one size fits all mentality at Imageo. Each of our clients’ SEO aims, requirements and challenges are assessed individually through detailed client communication, research and recommendations.

Website search engine ranking penalties have been in existence for many years, but Google have recently increased the frequency and breadth of these penalties. It is now possible for the average webmaster to unwittingly receive a search ranking penalty with no knowledge of how, when or why.

If you have received a sudden drop in website traffic or sales it could be due to a search penalty. Such penalties can be reversed. Contact us for details.


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