AdSense Optimisation – Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is an automated method for serving online advertisements that fit in with the content on a given website or reflect the previous viewing habits of the visitor. Each time a user clicks on one of the ads on the site, the site owner will be awarded a fee for the click. The most popular contextual advertising networks is Google AdSense which currently pays ad publishers 68% of the amount that Google collects from their advertisers.

Imageo work with website owners to maximise the earning potential of their AdSense campaigns. We will optimise the shape, size, colour and font of the AdSense ad, and add the generated JavaScript ad code into each of the webpages in the position that will garner the most clicks and maximise click potential (whilst working within the strict AdSense publisher guidelines).

On an ongoing basis AdSense campaign performance will be monitored and optimised to increase ad click through rates, grow ad impressions and enhance the value of the ad inventory.

Imageo have worked with Google AdSense for over 10 years across hundreds of different websites. Our optimisation techniques have led to fourfold increases in monthly advertising revenues so we know what we are doing!

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