WordPress is the most commonly used content management system on the Internet with approaching 75 million active WordPress sites and almost 1 in 4 new domain names that go live using WordPress as their publishing platform.

The popularity and flexibility of WordPress as both a website publishing and blogging tool is unsurpassed, but this prevalence can mean that it is a target for hackers so it is essential that any WordPress installation is as secure as possible to mitigate any potential future security risks.

As a platform WordPress is a very secure and well supported code base when set up and maintained correctly. But a lack of core WordPress updates and the unwise use of certain plugins can lead to a significantly less secure website that could be open to a hack.

At Imageo we are experienced WordPress developers. We have set up and maintained several hundred different WordPress website installations with security a paramount consideration.

We will audit your current WordPress site for known security issues and harden the installation to provide the utmost security so that the risk of being hacked is significantly reduced.

In the unfortunate event that your WordPress site has been subject hacking we will recover the website, clean the installation, evaluate how the hack was successful and harden the point of hack entry along with providing overall WordPress hardening to prevent future repeat attacks.

A hacked WordPress site can not only cause significant embarrassment to your brand, lose sales and customers, it can also negatively affect your search engine rankings. As part of our WordPress post-hack clean-up process we will evaluate your search rankings in order to ascertain whether a search ranking penalty has been applied due to the hack and offer assistance to remove the penalty and retrieve lost rankings


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