Marketing a law firm online that is primarily focused on corporate and commercial legal work is very different from the end-user focused areas of law such as personal injury and family law.

A corporate law firms’ brand is paramount and work is complex with often very long cases.

Enhancing authority

Wide ranging networks and referrals represent a good deal of work to a professional within the corporate and commercial business law sector, but all firms need an authoritative and reputable website. The firms’ website will often be the first point of call when a prospective client is weighing up options for legal advice.

A well-researched content marketing campaign by Imageo will ensure that all the major areas of corporate and commercial law are covered in depth on the law firms’ website. This will not only exude authority to prospective clients but the carefully keyword optimised written content will also be an important SEO strategy when attempting to gain traffic from ranking highly in search engines.

We can help to increase the digital presence of your corporate law firm.

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