Paid Search Management (PPC)

PPC (pay per click) advertising is a great way for businesses to get immediate traffic to their website. The immediacy and versatility of PPC means you can have a campaign setup and running within a matter of hours or days which is targeted towards a particular goal such as driving business leads, mailing list sign ups, company branding, targeted product sales or general sales.

With PPC you are paying for each click on your advert on the respective search engine or social network so you can be very specific about the types of clicks you want to target (you are paying for them after all!) This is where we step in.

Imageo are experts in managing pay per click online advertising campaigns – be it Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads to name but a few. We have a track record of providing value for money PPC services with an impressive positive return on investment (ROI) on advertising spends.

PPC campaign management can be very complex and in inexperienced hands a PPC budget could be blown within minutes. We believe that a positive ROI is the key to successful PPC account management so we will use advanced keyword matching techniques, long tail keyword groupings and the extensive use of negative keyword lists as a base for your Adwords campaign. In addition we will ensure that your campaign contains compellingly written ads, and the ad landing pages are optimised for maximum conversion levels.

Many PPC management agencies will charge their fees as a % of monthly advertising spend which in our opinion promotes wasteful spend on unnecessary clicks simply to increase the % rate that can be billed. Our campaign management fees are uniquely tailored towards your specific requirements and our primary focus is to ensure that you receive value for money.

Your Google AdWords PPC campaign will be managed by a Google AdWords qualified professional with approaching ten years’ worth of Adwords account management experience. If you would like to get started please contact us for an informal chat.


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