• Mercury Legal first started working with Imageo a little over twelve months ago, initially on a small standalone project that we agreed to trial for a limited period in order to gauge the results. Since then we have transferred our full web site and SEO management over to their team as well as entrusting them with our PPC campaigns. The results they have achieved have been little short of remarkable. Although our market budget didn’t increase we saw on line case acquisition treble within two months of them taking over our campaigns and since then we have continued to go from strength to strength. As a direct result of the work done by Imageo we have had the confidence, and the budget, to diversify into other work areas that had always been of interest but we had never been able to explore before for fear that we wouldn’t generate enough new clients to make the ventures commercially viable.

    On a personal note, not having a marketing or a technical background myself, I have to say that working with Imageo has been an absolute pleasure. They do not bamboozle you with technical jargon or dazzle you with glossy brochures and presentations, they strive to understand your business and your goals and then let the results they achieve speak for themselves. They answer all questions that I throw at them – and there are many, most of which must seem either trivial or downright ridiculous – with infinite patience and understanding and there is no doubt that they take genuine pleasure in seeing our business grow as a result of our combined efforts as opposed to simply viewing us as just a monthly fee. I do not as a rule recommend agencies of any description to friends or colleagues as to do so is usually inviting trouble but I will make an exception in this instance, if you want to attract new business on line then speaking to Imageo is a must.

    Gavin Moat
    Gavin Moat Partner, Mercury Legal LLP
  • Working with Laurie and Mike has been refreshingly unique.  I have found them knowledgeable, approachable and innovative at all times.  They have done an outstanding job in creating my website, developing my brand and assisting with digital marketing.   Their direct and impressively quick responses have meant that any ideas or changes have been implemented without delay. I was keen to ensure that I had a common theme through all my branding and client contact and Laurie worked exceptionally hard to always ensure quality and consistency, whether through on-line campaigns or simply through the design of vouchers and aftercare leaflets.  They quickly understood my client profile and actively managed my marketing campaigns. I would highly recommend Imageo to anyone starting a new business “

    Ciara Harrison
    Ciara Harrison Clinical Director, Ideal Skin Clinic Ltd
  • We decided to use Laurie and the team after a recommendation from someone who had used them to design their website. From the very first time we got in touch, to the ongoing support we receive now, Imageo have been helpful, prompt and effective in delivering exactly what we have asked for. Questions are always answered and implemented immediately and any issues have always been dealt with in a swift and very friendly manner. The quality of their work has surpassed what we expected and they have never ending knowledge on the subject. It has been a pleasure to work with them and we believe the on-going service we receive is second to none.

    Kelly Keenan
    Kelly Keenan Maskell + Associates, Manager
  • We’ve worked with Mike and the team at Imageo since 2009 – longer than most other partners! Our long relationship has been grounded in marketing for one of our clients, National Accident Helpline, through a number of their websites. It’s been great having a close partnership with Imageo, and working together for the success of our client.

    Ben Meakin
    Ben Meakin Account Director, Atom42
  • Laurie at Imageo is just amazing. It's like he read my mind and brought my ideas to life in our fabulous new website. Efficient, fast and the patience of a saint. His support continues after the site is built and he makes a great cuppa. So many people have asked me who did my site. I loved their ideas, support and skills so much we're onto website number three!

    Amy Warhurst
    Amy Warhurst Glasshouse Mini - Owner
  • The support received from Imageo has been fantastic. They instilled us with the tools and knowledge required to independently maintain our website. Their approach has been underpinned with patience and understanding and they remain engaged throughout the website design process. A very reliable and supportive provision.

    Richard Jones
    Richard Jones Executive Director, Manchester Deaf Centre
  • I have worked with Imageo closely over the last two years, and have always found them to be a real pleasure to work with. They are very proactive and responsive, but above all knowledgeable about all areas of online marketing and produce results that exceed the expectations of the merchants that they are promoting. I know that Imageo have been expanding the areas in which they specialise and I look forward to seeing how they develop in the next couple of years, continuing to work alongside them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    James Bennie
    James Bennie Affiliate Window
  • I’ve worked with Imageo on various projects throughout the years and have always found their approach both friendly and professional. They always approach the channel and each client from a different perspective and I believe their proposition is unique within the market place. They consistently deliver incremental sales volumes for clients and I would recommend anyone to build a relationship with them to further online growth.

    Kevin Sutton
    Kevin Sutton Head of Client Accounts, Affilinet
  • The Aspinall Foundation has been working with Imageo on a lead generation basis for some time and they have consistently driven the highest volumes of CPA sales in the performance marketing channel for our brand. Their innovative and professional approach is a credit to the industry and we would highly recommend other organisations seeking to acquire high volumes of sales to partner with Imageo in the future.

    Sarah Tite
    Sarah Tite Aspinall Foundation


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