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The latest project that we are working on is www.denied.co.uk, which is a website that is pitched at people that may have struggled in the past in getting accepted for different types of finance or official documentation such as passports, benefits and citizenship.

Essentially the site tries to cut out the complicated explanations and simplifies each of the different sections so that the average person can understand the do’s and don’ts associated with successfully applying for finance or contract mobile phones for instance so that the chances of being accepted are maximised.

When denied.co.uk was reviewed in Web User magazine last year they said the design of the site –

“… allows it to focus on the content, which is packed with useful facts and suggestions, and is pleasantly free of financial jargon”Web User (September 2013 review).

Although all of the site sections are receiving search engine traffic, by far the most popular sections are those that are focused on helping people to obtain a mobile phone contract with bad credit. It is a modern necessity to have a mobile phone and with pay as you go offerings being so expensive it is usually the most cost effective option to get a contract phone as this will also include a free phone as part of the contract. Unfortunately, if your credit score is low (for whatever reason) you stand the chance of having a phone contract declined which can turn into a vicious circle as the initial decline could lead to subsequent rejections for other applications. Denied.co.uk helps by providing detailed information to applicants about the whole application process so that phone contract applicants stand the best chance of having their application accepted – even if they do suffer from poor credit. In addition, for those that have very bad credit there are options explained that will offer a guaranteed phone contract with no credit check required.

We will be working to improve the online presence of denied.co.uk over the coming months.

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